Discover the Heart of Emmanuel Pines Camp:

Guided by Christ-Centered Values, Rooted in God’s Word




Our mission is to create Christ-centered environments, meaningful experiences, and valuable resources that bring people closer to God through our camping ministries, conferences, and events. Rooted in our love for God and others, we are passionately dedicated to assisting in the journey of making disciples.


Our vision is to impact lives and transform communities by guiding them toward the cross, keeping the path clear for encounters with Christ that bring lasting change and renewal.


Emmanuel Pines Camp was established in April of 1947 as a ministry of hospitality. Governed by The River Conference of The Free Methodist Church, Emmanuel Pines continues its rich legacy of providing hospitality to a wide variety of groups, both Christian and secular.

Meet the Heart of Emmanuel Pines: Our Passionate Staff

At Emmanuel Pines, our dedicated staff embodies a profound commitment to our core values, which guide every aspect of our mission-driven approach.

God-Dependent, we prioritize seeking God first in all that we do, trusting in His divine guidance and wisdom.

Our Vision-Guided approach ensures that every decision and activity aligns with the ultimate goal of keeping the path clear to the cross, leading others closer to Christ.

Being Christ-Centered is at the core of our being, as we strive to reveal and share Christ through our transformative ministries, conferences, and events. With a firm foundation in Scripture, we remain Bible-Based, making decisions that are rooted in God’s word, ensuring authenticity and truth in all that we offer.

As stewards of this blessed place, we are Sustainability-Focused, cherishing and preserving our resources for the long-term health and viability of our ministry. Our mission statement drives us to create Christ-centered environments and experiences, drawing people to God through the power of camping ministries, conferences, and events. Our love for God and others propels us to joyfully assist in making disciples, embracing every opportunity to impact lives with the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Emmanuel Pines, where God’s presence is felt in every corner, and hearts are forever transformed.